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FS: Ultra THX Tri Channel MonoBlock Amp (1 Viewer)

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000

Long, but hopefully complete with all the information anyone needs.
These are close to the Parasound 1201 single mono's,
Parasound cut many corners after they purchased the leftover parts when SoundStream left the home audio market.
These are of excellent build quality, the are very powerful and sound ever so sweet.
Parasound has them rated @ 150w, soundstream underrated them.
I only have one spare tri-channel mono block to sell.

I purchased many brand new boxed M3 amps in a buy-out some time ago,
I sold most of the extra's, the rest I use in my systems.
I have this one as an extra, very light use, it has a couple small mares on the top,
You would really to to look very hard to find them.
The retail for this Ultra THX M3 amp was $1200. USD.
Will sell at $420. you pay all shipping,
will be shipped in the original box & packing, user's guide include. That's $140. per mono block channel.

AVR user's Can you say front & center channels with me? :D

These are Low Impedance / High Current Design
FTC Power Rating
Output Power:
120W @ 8 350
input Connectors: 3-pin XLR,RCA Phono
Output Connectors: 6 Gauge, 5-Way Binding Post
Power Supply: High Flux Toroidal Power Transformer
Power Supply Requirements: 120VAC 100watts / 1 amp (average)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
5.75" x 17.0" x 16.0" ( 14.6 cm x 43.2cm x 40.6cm)
about 42 lbs, 50lbs shipped.

This is Ultra THX,
Three singles placed together with a common faceplate and rear support angle.
They can be separated and used for custom installs. 120 THX watt per channel into 8 ohms,
this power is well underrated, the headroom is unbelievable, Yes SOLID at 4 ohm loads.
Power amplifier features glorious sound quality and superb Mono Block build quality.
The M-3 is the perfect choice for the enthusiast
that is trying to mate home theater with a high quality music system.
If you already have a great high end amplifier for your main channels,
then the M-3 is the perfect solution for driving your center and surround sound channels.

The size of the Toriodal Power Transformer in each of these are that of many well known five channel amps, and those all share one.
The M-3 has a total of three, one in each case at 5"dia x 2" thick.
And these are no small or lightweight mono's.
These make the Marantz MA-500/700 Mono look very small, and the toriodal power supply small,
Two NIPPON CHEMI-COM 63v10,000uf Caps in each.
These are XLR Balanced and Unbalanced have remote power on,
Heavy 5-way binding post good for up to 6 gauge wire.
Each channel has it's own power cord and fuse.
ZERO cross talk with these.
Thanks for looking.
Pictures have been removed.


Supporting Actor
May 9, 2001
Jerry any trade requests? new Dvd player, new cables, you know what i do and where just let me know

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
Yes I know where your coming from, thanks for the offer.
Let me think about trades overnight.
Really nothing comes to mind right this minute.
I do have several extra pieces of hardware yet to post.
I don't need any more cables or dvd's players.
If I purchased more of what I already have two or three, I think my address will soon end in curb something. :D

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
At this time I rather sell outright without any trades.
This option may change in due time, I have yet to post this
at audiogon.
For those that are serious in a possible purchase of this amp, I scanned & made a pfd of the user's guide.
It's about 1.5MB and I would be happy to email.
These are kick *ss amps. :D

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
Coon Rapids Minnesota 55448, for shipping the amps are about 42 lbs, 50lbs boxed in the original carton, add about 10 lbs for double boxing, I will scale the package prior to payment for the exact charge.
I don't think FedEx ground would be more than $20-$25.
to the east or west coasts as I'm in the middle of the country.

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
Indeed Matt, they are fantastic, they run cool & silent with a never ending level of reserve power,
And they sound sooo good.

buyers can read my feedback here of 41+
My ebay & audiogon user name is cyber16,
I'm known as Diode1 at AVS and other forums.
I am not selling the amp because I need cash,
I just have one extra that I don't need.
I would be willing to work with the buyer if they are short on cash, some sort of short term payment plan & I will hold it with a fair deposit.
This will soon be posted at a few other forums such as audiogon.
At this time it's only at AVS & here.

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