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  1. Darrin B

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    I am selling Home Theater Video system. It is quite an

    awesome setup. It consists of a Runco 980 Ultra CRT projector, Da-lite 92x52 1.3 gain Cinemavision screen, and

    a CINEMATRIX modified S7700 DVD player which is running at

    720p. It goes all the way up to 1200p and has aspect ratio

    control. It also includes Silver serpent RGB cables. For

    those who are not familiar with a setup like this, it comes

    VERY close to film in picture quality. It was converged and ISF calibrated by Kevin Miller who is one of the BEST on

    the east coast. You can read his projector reviews in Home

    Theater magazine. The projector listed for $24,995.00 and

    the screen about $900.00 The Cinematrix about $2100.00 and

    the cables about $250.00. Any questions, feel free to email me. Anybody in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area can see it in action. It also includes the ceiling mount and all remotes and manuals. For those of you NOT familiar with the Cinematrix player, it is a Modified Sonys7700 player with a digital scaler IN the machine. So basically all of the processing is done in the DIGITAL domain. Which means there is NO extra d/a, a/d conversions as done with ANY other scaler on the market.

    It is an ALL digital connection. The unit has 5 gold plated BNC connectors on the back plate for direct connection to the projector. A good transfer can look as good as HDTV!!!!! Sorry I didn't know I had to post an asking price.

    I am looking to get no less then $8500.00 for the whole

    shooting match!!
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    Is the cinematrix a direct purchase from Germany or the MSB version?
  3. Darrin B

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    It was purchased DIRECTLY from Cinematrix in Ca. It has 5

    gold plated (Very high quality) BNC connectors on the back,

    as well as an rs232 input jack for aspect ratio control. It

    does NOT have some of the problems that the MSB version was

    paluged with. No chroma bug, no low level noise either.

    Just an incredible picture that (sometimes) looks as good

    or BETTER then HDTV!

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