FS: Infocus X1 projector (354 hours of use)

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by NolanT, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Nov 20, 2005
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    I'm new to the forum as you can see. I've lurked here a couple of years ago while building my home theater. Thanks to all of you who shared your knowledge.

    I have an Infocus X1 (not an X1a) for sale. I recently tried selling it on Ebay. The woman who bought it had zero feedback (she created her account on the very day she purchased the projector with a buy-it-now option). She promptly got banned by ebay for other shenanigans. She sent me an email giving me her NY address except that she told me she was in London (studying the Bible no less)and wanted me to ship the projector to her daughter in Nigeria. That's a rich one. For those of you who don't know Nigeria is a hotbed of internet scams. So I decided to try an alternate means.

    Anyway on to business. Here's the text from the auction:

    I am the original owner. This is NOT a refurbished unit. I purchased the projector from Best Buy in Oct of 2003. It has only 354 hours of use. The projector is in excellant working order. I have had absolutely no trouble with it. I am moving and my new place does not have a suitable room in which to use it. Includes everything that came with it. That means the projector itself, the remote, the paperwork, the carrying case, the VESA to component adaptor, and anything else that came with it. I'll also throw in a couple of extras. I will include 12ft worth of component cable that I have been using and an S-video to component adaptor. As you can see I have the original packaging so you can be assured it will be well packed.

    I have a +44 feedback on Ebay (under Mbiz12) with no negatives. I'm asking $525 for the unit which includes shipping via UPS Ground. Payment will be via Paypal and I only want to ship this within the US. Email me at [email protected] with offers or questions. Thanks

    Also I want to sell the ceiling mount (it's black) I bought from Mandarax over at the AVS forum. I have never used it as I decided to place my projector on a coffee table. I'm asking $35 which includes shipping via the USPS.
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    thats why I dont bother with ebay anymore. too many people form nigeria trying to buy stuff with fake money orders. I have listed 3 things in the past 6 months and each time I was bombarded with these emails and ebay pm's. I have been a member of ebay since 1998 and I wont do business on there anymore. tried selling my X1 with no luck 4 times and it had 300hrs on it. I was asking $550 and I watched others with 2k hours, didnt know the hours and one that was tabbaco stained all sell for more than I was asking for mine. it blew my mind! didnt get it.

    try craigslist.org thats how I sold mine locally in a few days. I had 3 people fighting over it and sold it for $600! yes there are nigeria scammers over there too but not as many and I sold it locally. good luck! its a great projector. wish I could have kept both but one had to go and I bought the 4805.

    your price is fair.
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    I bought my X1 used here on HTF. Give it some time. GREAT projector, I love mine and will upgrade it only when it is beyond repair.

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