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FS/FT: TV Box sets ..... Andromeda, Flintsotnes, L&O, Buffy, W&G, Enterprise (1 Viewer)

Greg S

Supporting Actor
Mar 13, 2000
What I have For Trade:
L&O SVU Season 1 **SEALED** - $26 shipped
Andromeda S2 brand new but not sealed (this is the 5 disc set ie double sided discs) - $30 shipped
Wil & Grace Season 2 excellent condition - $18 shipped
Wil & Grace Season 3 excellent condition - $18 shipped
Buffy Season 3 discs very good, box has some mushed corners but not too bad - $22 shipped
ST Enterprise S1 (available on Monday) DVDs very good, case is scuffed in 1 or 2 spots - $60 shipped
Flintstones Season 1 - $25 shipped

I want any of the following:

Band of Brothers
Stargate SG-1 (ANY SEASON)
Alias Season 1
Alias Season 2
Alias Season 3
Alias Season 4
The Shield Season 2
The Shield Season 3
Gilmore Girls Season 3
Gilmore Girls Season 4
Muppets Season 1
ER Season 3
Macgyver Season 1
Macgyver Season 2
Macgyver Season 3
Quantum Leap Season 1
Quantum Leap Season 2
Quantum Leap Season 3
A-Team Season 1
A-Team Season 2
Knight Rider Season 1
Knight Rider Season 2
Dukes of Hazzard Season 4
Rocky & Bullwinkle Season 2
West Wing Season (ANY SEASON)
Babylon 5 (ANY SEASON)
Everybody Loves Raymond Season 3
Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4

I am also looking for ANY Rescue Heroes DVDs you may have(new or used) other than the episodes you see below:

trapped beneath the sea
Houston we have a problem
Underwater nightmare
Eye of the storm
Fire Down Under
White wall of terror
wild fire
In the driver's seat

My 3 year old son loves these (so does his 6 year old sister) so help me out here.


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