FS: All my Theater equipment RUNCO CL-710 and more!

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    Hey all,
    Unfortunately, I need the room my theater is in for my older son's bedroom and frankly the money would help also, so my theater has to go. My theater is pictured on the forum and can be seen at www.cinemamagic.net (my own site). It was custom built beginning late fall 2003. The first movie was on New Years Day 2004.

    All my equipment is in perfect condition.

    For sale:
    RUNCO CL-710 DLP projector. This is an amazing projector, and is flawless. First used 1/1/2004. It will need a new bulb. Comes with ceiling mount....$3500.00

    Stewart Firehawk 92" Screen: $600 with frame.

    INTEGRA DTR 7.4 THX Certified Reciever: $700.00

    INTEGRA DPS 8.3 THX Ultra Certified DVD Player: $600.00

    M&K K10 SUB: $300.00

    M&K K0 SUB: $300.00

    Pair M&K K4 Tri-pole speakers: $300.00

    Pair M&K K4 Tri-pole speakers: $300.00

    MONSTER Power HTS 3600: $350.00

    Shipping is not included in the price. I will figure based on your zip. I would prefer to stay in the US.

    Please e-mail me at: Todd66ovi@aol.com with any questions or picture needs, you can see most on my web-site, but I will supply any pic needed. I am a Silver Trader here with 11 Good Trades, on eBay I have 2500 positive 100% rating ( I am Hauntedcinema).

    I will be listing more later, including the chairs and my Crestron processor and touch panel.

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    Are you thinking of selling Yoda?

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