FCC issue, shipping amplifier via Fedex to U.S.

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    I recently did a deal, here, in the Hardware For Sale Forum and I shipped a Parasound amplifier to the US, from Canada. via Fedex. Shortly after, they haulted the package and left me a message saying that I need to contact them to fill out an FCC form. Now it's looking like I can't contact them until Monday since they were out of the office by 4:30pm, Friday. In the mean time, can anyone tell me what they are talking about? Is this because the box says the amp is made in Taiwan? (I think it's Taiwan). If the amp does or doesn't comply with the FCC, is there any information that I can give them to speed things along?


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    Perhaps it has to do with an FCC requirement concerning interference from electronic devices.

    Devices that meet FCC requirements normally have a written statement included with the device similar to page 2 of this owner’s manual:

    Owner's Manual - See Page 2 for typical FCC statement

    If that's the case, you could provide the FCC with the statement that may be in your owner's manual, or download a copy of the statement from the manufacturers website.

    Jay Taylor

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