Fangs for the memories: From It Lives Again to Dark Shadows: The Curse of WBs May releases (and dvd)

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    MaverickThe recent disappointment of the much anticipated (by me anyway)release of Dark Shadows has led me on a rip back in time . Since May 1978 till now, Warner Brothers May releases -with the exception of Twister and The Matrix last film, were notorious flops or disappointments. Subsequent release on DVD have made some go under reevaluation as not being as bad as first thought-which I'm sure DS will have an afterlife -much as Barnabas Collins himself -on DVD.
    1978: It Lives Again: A year after WB s successful rerelease of 1974s It's Alive-this very good sequel was released stillborn.
    1979: Beyond the Poseidon Adventure: 1979 would be bookended in laughable sequels to two of disaster films greats -Airport and The Poseidon Adventure. But at least Augusts Concorde:Airport '79 did some business and was hailed by the Times critic as a great comedy. Poseidon , though, sunk immediately.[/B]
    1980: Tom Horn: A long on the shelf western released the same month as the more successful The Long Riders. This was Steve McQueens next to last movie (The Hunter bookended the summer)-but he couldnt lasso in an audience. A shame-its a great little western. Die Laughing had no one laughing.
    1981: Outland: One of the best scifi films of the 80s just didnt make it nor did This is Elvis.
    1982: The Escape Artist: an interesting failure. Desi Arnaz' swan song
    1983: Blue Skies Again: The first baseball film with a female player since The Bad News Bears struck out. Whers the DVD?
    1984: Purple Hearts : This became very popular on video but had no boxoffice firepower Finders Keepers: Was a classic screwball comedy that needs reevaluation.
    1985: Doin Time: A Police Academy set in a prison. Barely released.
    1986: Cobra: Barely broke the bad luck as it did moderately well. But if all other May releases prior to this was the disease -Stallones underperformer wasa not the cure as 1987 & 1988 WB had no Masy releases.
    1989: Pink Cadillac: was Clint Eastwoods Edsel. It would be 20 years before he had a successful car titled flick in Gran Torino.
    1990: Lambada: lasted as long as the fad dance it was based on
    1991: Switch: A great funny comedy with an amazing Ellen Barkin performance
    1992: Lethal Weapon: The curse is lifted! Until....
    1993: Made in America: no one was Danson to the beat of this comedy or crying Whoopi! But it aint half bad.
    1994: Being Human: A quirky Bill Forstyh comedy was not a local hero at the boxoffice. That sinking feeling was that Robin Williams was going downhill. Mel Gibson's MAVERICK did well though.
    1995:A Little Princes: This exquisite childrens film deserved a much better fate
    1996: Twister Finally - a true blockbuster that blew away the competition. But-that wouldnt last long
    1997: Addicted to Love: Might as well face it-this was the beginning of the end for Meg Ryan
    1998: Tarzan and the Lost City: tried to ape the success of GREYSTOKE , but died on the vine. Disappeared as quickly as Casper the ghost. ALMOST HEROES starring Matthew Perry and Chris Farley found very few theatergoing friends on Saturday night.
    1999: Wild, Wild West: While not a total loss with a 100 mill gross-it was still a big money loser for WB and a joke to many who inklined it wasa better than it was.
    2000:Battlefield Earth: The Holy Grail of May WB disasters. This awful movie was a Dear John letter to horrified moviegoersThe tables were turned a dozen years ago-John Travolta rubbeed us the wrong way!
    2001: Angel Eyes Not quite GIGLI -but a b.o. disaster nonetheless.
    2002: Insomnia: wasnt quite a sleep at boxoffice but no blockbuster
    2003: The
    Matrix: Reloaded A big hit -but not well revered. But, The In-Laws remake undeservedly died .
    2004: This May WB entry was gone in a New York Minute.
    2005: House of Wax melted as quick as a sensual candle in a Hilton hotel room.
    2006: Poseidon: despite Oscar nominated visual effects and a great cast -this remake capsizeedat the boxoffice. Given WB 2 MAY DISASTERS OF THE SAME SUBJECT IN 27 YEAlS.
    2007: Lucky You: Not a Bana year for the once bankable Drew Barrymore. She needed a poker face to fool people in publicity..
    2008: Speed Racer: I was so looking forwared to this. But alas-it never left the starting gate.
    2009: Terminator 2: Salvation a reboot that did good but disappointing numbers
    2010: Sex and the City 2 a disaster in more ways then one. Very unfashionable sequel
    2011: Something Borrowed: more like Something Blue as this never even made it to the reception. But HANGOVER 2 was great bo
    2012:Dark Shadows: this vampire tale-despite Depp-was anemic its first weekend. I think it will thrive on DVD though
    Nearly 35 years and barely 5 blockbusters. A cautionary tale-but -we have them all but one live on in dvd/blu ray. We know 2013 will brak the curse with HANGOVER 3
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    I remember A Little Princess got delayed for export for nearly a full year. And it's a lovely film.

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