Experts in identifying Older cars-help needed!

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  1. Jefff

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    Jun 23, 2002
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    Greetings all!
    I Could use a little help.I'm trying to identify (year/make/model) several types of older cars/trucks.
    For the first batch,you might have to be familiar with the classic film "Night Of The Living Dead" (original b/w from '68) or at least have access to it,and be willing to take a look at it
    I'd like to know what Johnny and Barbara's car was,as well as Ben's truck
    and if possible-the Washington D.C. official's car and the types of police vehicles near the end.
    The only assistance I can provide is that I believe Johnny and Barbara's car is a Pontiac GTO?

    The second batch-I can provide a link to the photo (hope it works-and thanx to Mr.Hide!)
    Trying to identify the cars pulled up at the drive in theater from left to right.

    The only assistance I can provide is that I believe that all of the cars would be from 1954 or earlier-as that is the year "CFTBL"was released.

    Any and all help would be appreciated,Thanx in advance for your time and effort.

    CHEERS! jefff
  2. Jefff

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    Jun 23, 2002
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    Greetings again,and thanx!
    A closer link and some info I have been given from different sources-
    12 cars from left to right-

    1)black-50 mercury

    2)hot pink-56 chevy

    3)aqua-57 chrysler/57 desoto firesweep

    4)wht/tan-59 edsel villager/60 ford wagon/57 or 59 ford country squire

    5)black-51 ford victoria/53 or 54 ford

    6)lt blue-59 chevy impala/60 chevy

    7)lt pink-57 chevy nomad

    8)wht/aqua-59 ford skyliner/56 or 57 ford thunderbird

    9)red/wht-59 or 60 chevy corvette

    10)hot pink-57 chevy/58 caddy deville/58 caddy eldorado/59 pontiac bonnev.

    11)aqua-56 plymouth

    12)red-40 willys pickup

    can anyone elaborate/confirm/deny/correct/incorrect any of these?

    I really would appreciate it.

    CHEERS! jefff
  3. Lew Crippen

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    May 19, 2002
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    A few guesses from the last link:

    2)hot pink is a ‘56 Chevy
    3)probably a Chrylser
    4)the tan wagon is not an Edsel
    5)the black is a Ford—could be as old as ‘49
    6)don’t know which year
    7)definitely a 57 Chevy Nomad
    8)Either a ’56 or ’57 T-Bird (my best guess is 1956)
    9)Don’t know the year of the Corvette
    10)A Caddy for sure—not sure of the year
  4. BrianW

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    Jan 30, 1999
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    4) ~60 Ford Falcon Wagon

    8) I think this is a Skyline with "Thunderbird Styling (TM)" - not as sleek as the Thunderbird, but it's hard to tell by the picture.

    10) Caddy El Dorado
  5. Steve Schaffer

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    Apr 15, 1999
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    1-black 49-51 Mercury
    2-pink defnitely a 56 chevy
    3-Definitely a DeSoto, 57 or 58
    4-beige wagon, definitely a '59 Ford Country Squire
    5-Ford, definitely a 2 door hardtop due to 3 piece rear window, could be a 50 or 51, these weren't built in 49 which was the first year of that body style.
    6-Definitely a '59 Chevy, only year of horizontal teardrop taillights, 60 models had small round lights-3 for Impalas, 2 for other grades. This one is probably an Impala but can't be sure.
    7-Definitely a 57 Chev Nomad
    8-Definitely a T-Bird, note porthole in C pillar on roof, probably a 57.
    9 56-60 Vette
    10-57 or 58 Cad.

    At the advanced age of 55 I remember seeing all of these on a daily basis.

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