Evil Dead - 2013

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Scott McGillivray, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Kind of eh for me.

    The film was a bit too serious and suffered from not having a Ash character to root for. I thought it might be Eric. He did have a couple lines that made me chuckle. But the premise is so absurd, the original worked so well because it didnt take itself so seriously. This one does and it suffers a bit for it.

    I actually thought there would be more blood to be honest :P

    Still, it was nice to see a film enbrace practical effects in this day and age.
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    - It was def powder in the baggie- I was more annoyed that there was a nail gun period. How many people have a nail gun, let alone leave one in their run down cabin in the middle of nowhere? As someone else noted, I thought the movie lacked an underlying layer of fear for the audience. I was expecting that. I was also expecting an Ash vs Deadites battle which is a hallmark of the originals. I did enjoy the many nods to the originals... eh, I'll spoiler this since this series has such a devoted following:
    - The image in the book of the person reaching out from the ground- The cut off face- And The Classic! Raimi's car.

    That last one leads me to think this is a sequel rather than a remake.

    And, apparently the next one will tie directly into Army of Darkness 2!
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    I got around to this one last week. I didn't hate it, I didn't love it. I'm a huge fan of the originals so I'm guessing that plays into it. things I liked were:

    1. The book and it's history. I liked how it was old and people had scribbled in the warnings and what not in a backward/hillbilly way. It was a nice touch.
    2. the gore, it was well done and it was nice to see a film go balls out with it. That chainsaw bit has to be one of the best in horror film history.

    Things I didn't like:

    1. the cast. None of them aside from the main girl were any good. the brother was truly terrible in every way. Not that anyone in the original were great thespians or anything, but they were good enough to pull off the story.

    2. There was no proper story. Again, the original isn't Shakespeare, but it had a premise and plot and played it really well. Kids find a weird book, then weird things start happening that ramp into massive "WHAT THE F*** IS HAPPENING?!?!" confusion that is shared by the audience. It has a progression that constantly tops each thing previously, with the characters trying to get their heads around it. None of that really happens here. They bring in this drug plot where they set up a scenario where you don't know if what is happening is "Evil Dead" or if it's her hallucinations from kicking drugs, as well as the whole abandoment thing with the brother and sister, and then abandon all of it by going bat shit crazy really quick. There is no way a registered nurse would confuse those very early stage possession bits with drug withdrawl, and as a result me in the audience is shouting "bullshit!" (not literally). The horror bits didn't flow properly either, it suffered from "Saw Syndrome" where things happened because it would be "cool" as opposed to make sense. Like when the nurse cuts her face. It things happening for effect instead of being scary. Didn't work.

    So when the plot of the film goes so far off the rails, all that's left is gore for gore sake. Which is fine, but ultimately forgettable. The original film is gory as hell, and legitimately scary on top of it. The remake severely lacking in the latter. I don't see an uncut version fixing this, it would need to be re-cut substantially. 2.5/5

    RE: the Carrie remake. I had high hopes with that cast until I saw the trailer. I'll hope for the best, but it just doesn't look any good.

    The other trailers I saw were:

    The Purge: one day a year in the near future there are no laws so people can go crazy and let off steam by robbing and murdering. Ethan Hawk tries to protect his family. This is so high concept it looks terrible despite being by the guys who did Sinister (which was pretty good). It doesn't make sense that if a person would be allowed to kill someone once a year or whatever that their would be no crime and a utopia for every other day of the year. Stupid.

    You're Next: Looks like a home invasion type thing, looked good.
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    Rumor at Dread Central that an extended version of this may be coming out on blu before Halloween. Fede Alvarez dropped the news in a press interview for Don't Breathe.

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