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Oct 9, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
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Jay Zetterberg
I'm new to the forum, hello guys!

When moving to the US from Sweden I brought my hundreds of region 2 DVDs, and when I go back to visit I continue to buy domestic movies. In the screening room I have a region free DVD player hooked up to a Yamaha (or Onkyo) receiver and onwards to an Epson projector. It differs between movies but region 2 DVDs all turn out pixelated to some extent and sometimes the image partially lags/smears. I've been meaning to get to the bottom of this for some time by eliminating and/or swapping out each piece or hardware to see where the issue lies.

DVD-player straight to projector
DVD-player to regular tv
DVD-player through receiver to regular tv

This is assuming it's not the DVD player itself being unable to process PAL, despite being region free...

Before I pull out the full-height rack (also controls audio throughout the whole house) and start yanking cables, I wonder if anyone has an idea what could be the most likely cause of the pixelation.

Would a projector sold in the US be specifically made for NTSC and unable to properly process a PAL signal, or are the projectors universal?

There's something called Direct or Pure mode on the receiver, is that only for audio or could it or a similar setting for video funnel the signal through without the receiver potentially messing it up?

Any help would be most appreciated and I look forward hanging around here and learning more about home theatre!

/ Jay Zetterberg

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