International Euro Blu-ray Review: SIRENS

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    This review is made possible with the help of www.DaaVeeDee.comNotes on my reviews: I do not offer plot summaries in most cases, as these can be found on a million other sites, but rather focus instead on what catalog Blu-ray collectors want to know about: the image and sound presentation, default playback settings, subtitles, audio choices, etc. My equipment: Panasonic TC-P55UT50 Plasma monitor (3-D capable); Panasonic DMP-BDT220 3-D Blu-ray player; LG BD-360 all-region Blu-ray player; Denon AVE-E200 5.1 Surround receiver. All aspect ratios are physically measured on the Panasonic screen, which has been set to eliminate overscan.SIRENS (1993)LABEL: Umbrella EntertainmentCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN: UKREGION: ALLASPECT RATIO: 1.85:1C/BW: COLORSOUND: dts 2.0 Stereo. BONUS MATERIAL: Loaded: Commentary, Interviews, TrailerCHAPTERS: 12This film is delightful. Hugh Grant is at his best, and we have a (sometimes nude) appearance by Elle McPherson. Very atmospheric film.
    Bonus materials are many: Director commentary; Trailer; an “informal home movie chat with Hugh Grant and Director John Duigan; a nearly hour-long ABC Lively Arts interview with writer (although apparently not of this movie) Norman Lindsay; and a stills gallery.The PQ is good. There is appropriate grain, providing a not ultra-sharp image but a very acceptable one. Many shots were lensed with diffusion, but the entire running time is just a tad soft (not blurry by any means). Color is excellent, with accurate flesh tones.The film has a short promo and the usual copyright warning ahead of the film, but not a bunch of trailers for other movies. The default language is English with no subtitles, and no subtitles are available for the film.

    The stereo soundtrack is pleasant, including one of my favorite Rachel Portman scores -- quirky, melodic, and completely memorable. The spread is limited to the front speakers -- rear channels are inactive.The movie would not play on my Panasonic Region A machine, only on my multi-region LG, but it appears to be an all-region disc, and is identified as such on the back cover.This review was made possible with the help of
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    Mine is an Australian clone and I'm very happy with all aspects of this transfer.

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