"Elizabeth R" - Now This Is a Classy Package!!

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    I received my copy of the new Warner/BBC America set of the "Masterpiece Theater" classic Elizabeth R today. Talk about a classy package! The slipcase box is very heavy and is covered with a nice dark green felt. The letters are gold (not real, obviously) inlay. The 4 DVDs are housed in a folding pullout similar to the "X-Files" sets. The hubs used are a little different from what I've seen previously - the discs are not quite as hard to get off as in similar packages. All in all a very nice presentation, up there with the Lawrence of Arabia case.
    I've only had time to briefly look at the discs, but the video quality looks fine for a 30-year television production. It's about on a par with the other BBC TV discs we've seen from the same era. Sound is clear, with just a hint of background hiss. All in all, very watchable and probably as good as can be expected given the source and age.
    The 6 episodes are spread over the first 3 discs, with the 4th disc devoted to extras including a new interview with Glenda Jackson, a "behind the scenes" featurette, and some historical material. In addition, there is commentary throughout from historian Alison Weir.
    I missed all of the 70s era "Masterpice Theater" classics as there was no PBS station in my town at the time. Therefore I'm looking forward to diving into this set!! [​IMG]
    Too many DVDs, too little time...
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  2. andrew markworthy

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    I didn't know this set was out, but I look forward to tracking it down - it was one of my favourites when I was growing up (back when the BBC seemed to believe in quality programming rather than an endless parade of lowest common denominator sport, home decorating, cookery, domestic violence dramas, and utterly predictable cop shows). Incidentally, Glenda Jackson is now a Member of Parliament.
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    >the discs are not quite as hard to get off as in similar packages<
    While I agree with almost all of your other observations, I found the disks (especcially #4) very difficult to remove.

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