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  1. Keith M.

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    Apr 1, 1999
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    I am assuming I am not alone here...
    I subscribed to this bogus publication almost a year ago and have not received a thing. My check was cashed immediately, but no subscription followed. Not even a letter explaining if there were circumstances related to the lengthy delay. NOTHING!
    I am really sick of these publications taking advantage of the DVD community, eg. Total Movie. These are illegal business practices, or better known as SCAMS.
    We should ban together and take action...
  2. Brian E

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    Aug 12, 2000
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    I've subscribed, but never been billed or sent any money. They've sent out emails and posted here and at DVD Talk about the delays.
    Here's the text of the message they sent out.
    "To: Subscribers of DVD Preview with Leonard Maltin
    Subject: Your next issue
    By now many of you are wondering when you will be receiving the next issue of DVD Preview with Leonard Maltin…
    Our original intention was to produce six issues this year but a number of extenuating circumstances have compelled us to produce just two issues in 2001 (December 2001 and our up-coming 'feature-packed' Fall 2001 issue which will premiere mid-November). In 2002, we will be a bi-monthly publication (six issues per year).
    What this means to you the subscriber? Well, for one thing all current one-year subscribers will get seven issues of DVD Preview instead of six.
    All current two-year subscribers will get thirteen issues of DVD Preview instead of twelve.
    Our Fall issue will feature interviews with some of Hollywood's hottest directors and an eye-opening profile of the hottest DVD producers working today - the talented artisans who help shape today's coolest DVD releases.
    It is our continuing goal to stretch the limits of DVD production and give our viewers the most innovative and authoritative DVD review source available. Thank you for your continuing patience.
    - DVD Preview, Inc.
    Daniel Graham"
    My DVD List
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    Aug 6, 2001
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