Difference in Parasound amps for Paradigm Studio Ref. 100's?

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    I'm about to upgrade my Anthem AVM-20 to 2.0 and at the same time, am thinking about adding two more channels of speakers/amplification. My current amp is a Parasound HCA 2205A (220w x 5) and I like it very much. To cover the 2nd two channels, I'm thinking about either:
    [a] Adding a Parasound HCA2200 (220w x 2)
    Springing for a used Parasound HCA-3500 (350w x 2) and putting the 3500 on my main L/R: Paradigm Studio Reference 100's.
    NOTE: Other speakers include: Center = Paradigm Studio Ref. CC, Surrounds = Studio ADP's, rear speakers = (not decided yet...Studio 20's or Studio 40's [TBD]).
    The big questions:
    Will I notice much of a performance improvement in 2 ch. with option or should I save the funds for other uses and keep power consistent on all channels with option [a]?
    Would I be better served with amp option [a] and using the cash for larger rear speakers to compliment the mains and ADP dipoles?
    Does this ever end? (Don't bother...I know the answer to that one!) [​IMG]
    All suggestions/ideas are appreciated!
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    Paul, I have the same mains, cc and 2205 great match. I too am looking into more amps I talked with the guys from ps audio about there new digital amp (150x2) sounds like a great amp for the money! supposed to be warm, smooth and detailed, right up my ally[​IMG] this amp was given an "A" rating recently in sterophile (Oct 2002) amongst some very expensive amps.
    I believe its around $1650 and you can buy direct from them and they have a 30 day return policy similar to svs. Give them a call they are very helpful on the phone!
    Good luck, Bob

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