Difference between the NEW Wega KV-32HS500 and the KV-32HV600?

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    Oct 31, 2000
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    I'm in the market for a new 32" HDTV direct-view tv, and am considering these two sets. Judging from the specs, they seem nearly identical. They even share the same cabinet. The only differences I could spot are:
    HS500 - DRC™ upconversion
    HV600 - DRC MultiFunction V1 upconversion (is this even any different)?

    HS500 - Twin View Picture and Picture with Multi-Image Driver X
    HV600 - 2-tuner PIP (standard and split-screen)
    ... don't know what the differences are here either

    HV600 has a HD Detailer wideband video amplifier and the HS500 doesn't

    Now is there any one feature (or more) that justifies the extra $200 of the HV600 model over the HS500?
  2. Brian S

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    May 20, 1999
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    The two main differences are the DRC V1 and the HD Wideband amp.

    The 32HV600 (which I own) offers the exact same (as far as I could tell) Twin View features as the HS500 (no PIP on either).

    The DRC V1 feature is quite useful if you watch source material (such as cable or VHS) which may contain poor quality signals. The V1 version of DRC allows for three custom settings per mode (vivid, standard, movie, pro) in which you can dial in the exact amount of DRC ("clarity and reality") you wish. I have found this feature very effective for watching my cable TV, which has some pretty fuzzy channels. Setting the DRC to a minimum really improves (or I should really say does not worsen) these poorer channels. For me, this feature alone is why I went with the HV600.

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