Did I make the wrong choices?

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    I purchased a HT system about 3 months ago. I did alot of looking around, and being an engineer I thought I was "smart" enough(spec.-wise) to make the right choices. I finally decided on the Yamaha RX-V620 receiver, the JBL NSP1 speaker system, & the JBL PB-10 Sub. I thought that given their reputation and "good stats(specs)" I was getting a great system at a bargain price($330 receiver/$460 all speakers/+ shipping). I never got to hear the two together.Actually never listened to the Yamaha.The places that sold it and other receivers that interested me were on display but not hooked up + sales reps were unwilling to hook them up. Anyways, I got It up and running and wAs initially impressed with the sound quality. Lately I've noticed some weaknesses were music reproduction is concerned. Plus, I've been visiting alot of HT forums(alot of anti-Jbl/Yamaha sentiments)and websites and found myself regretting my decisions. After become more educated in the HT/Audio field I wish I would have gone w/the following setup[​IMG]enon AVR2802 and Energy Take 5.2 speakers.I have not listened to either,though every review and comment I've read has been more than favorable.QUESTION IS: Is it worth me selling my new setup(taking a 30-40% loss) and going with this set up,which is $300-$400 more than I originally spent?
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    Salim: Don't make the same mistake twice! You can't always take the best of everything, match it together and expect it to sound fantastic. In most cases, you need to carefully match your electronics with your speakers to give you the final output that you favor and desire. Some electronics impart a warm/rolled off sound. Some speakers exagerate certain frequencies. If you go and listen to some speakers and then come back and tell us what you think you like, we can be of more help. As for your current combo, Yamaha and JBL are both fine pieces on their own. I happen to really like the JBL N series of speakers and use the outdoor versions (N26AW) for my back yard. However, they really sounded good, to my ears and taste, when I mated them with a Denon 3801 receiver(currently using Denon 1801 receiver with these speakers). In conclusion, you may find that you will only have to change your receiver OR your speakers to find the audio nirvanna you are seeking.
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    Neither choice you made is bad, but like the above poster said don't make the same mistake twice!
    If you feel you are lacking, you need to spend some time auditioning all the competitors. Being an engineer, as you said, I'm sure you looked at the specs and said those are good. But specs don't tell you how a system sounds! Speakers and amps (like those in your receiver) and all other parts in your audio chain each contribute to the sound you hear, so changing any one will change what you hear.
    Also, being new at this did you calibrate everything properly? Do you realize that your speaker positioning and the room you are in are the single biggest factors in what you hear? Here's a good article on speaker placement for 2 channel, since you mentioned your music was lacking:
    My point is, make sure you are getting everything out of your current system first. Then compare. You can only do this with your ears.
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    In the begining I found that people can be a big influence on how you approach your hometheater. Some can recommend your system and rave about it and others can begin to post how lacking the system is either because of the speakers or receiver. Hearing is believing as oppose to reading. I also had the problem of stepping too fast in to HT with out fully checking my options.
    I started with a Kenwood VR 209 for 259.00 and Jensen Bookshelf speakers with Sony bookshelf speakers as surrounds. After getting continously disappointed by my system in comparison to existing systems, I was pushed into doing my homework and make the right selectons. I remember asking the question do I really need DTS and the response was yes but with my speakers I probably wouldn't hear the difference. I am very happy with my system (HK AVR 500, Platinum Audio PT806 and PT801), but it took two systems to get there. If you feel it's lacking then do your homework and your saving. If you're married then do your thinking on how you can move the old existing system into the Bedroom. I still haven't been able to convince my wife to allow me to set it up yet, but since she is looking to put a t.v. in the den, this might be my opportunity.
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