Denon AVR-1912: A Newbie's Dilemma

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    I just bought this AVR a few mos ago and am fairly tech savvy. The GUI is very easy to figure out and if you know things about diff cables its not too diff either. There are Component, HDMI and RCA as well as Optical, Google all to see what they look like and do. As far as Cable Box, it uses Component, huge monster of a thing w/5 inputs. The Denon handles them, put in the red and white in audio in proper section for CBL SAT, they break things down in back for different components and make sure when directing RCA cables to speakers that you also route through either L&R, Center or Sub, etc. As far as Cable resolution goes, all broadcasts are still in 720p or 1080i which = same thing. Only bluray is in 1080p, highest res currently on tv.
    Ive got the component cabled to the back of AVR and the back of the Cable box. Ive got speakers in a Stereo 2.1 setup right now, havent gotten a Center yet so taking my time for the 5.1. Getting sound to function was a bit tricky at first as the AVR 1912 defaults to 5.1 sound and must be manually set in its Audio setup to Other and select 2.1. The paper manual they give is pretty basic and not as detailed as id like especially w/setting up the Remote for example which is going to be a thread i will start next, its a PITA.
    I hope this helps you as sometimes when we overthing things we miss the easy plug-ins right before us. So I have a Samsung Series 6 TOC HDMI to main slot Output (only one out to a tv). Everything else is Input and that's got my Panasonic BD65 bluray HDMI'd in. You have to hit AMP to get Menu and Setup to come up. Its an extra step and dont know why you must hit it but this is my first AVR. Once you go into Setup initially and go into alpha ordered brand names, it provides codes but i honestly dont know that all things get recognized as i cant get the remote to make an association and turn things on, i must turn on bluray manually and then it will switch back and forth through CBL/SAT for tv and BD for the bluray. You pretty much have to put the detailed CD in to a laptop to read finer details. Its fairly easy if youre just plugging in BD and any HDMI components, no cable box. Most Cable boxes from cable co dont offer up HDMI inputs or cables, id get one otherwise. There may be options however that you buy w/such an input.
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