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    I have noticed a trend in the past few women I have gone out with. Its stated with my last significant relationship. It seems that I always meet women that seem to be to emotionally involved on people not being "mad at them". It started with my last significant ex and got worse. She hated when I or anyone else was slightly upset with her or something she did. She would go out of her way to make sure that person was not mad anymore. So far that she would sacrifice her own happiness. She did not understand that, yes I was mad, but its not the end of the world and that whatever it was I would get over it, and that even though I was upset I still loved her. After we broke up I ended up dating a women who was the same way but worse. Plus she also was practically planning our wedding two weeks into dating. Recently I went out with another women and we have been talking for a while. We have been talking and made plans a few times to go out again. But something always comes up and she cancels. I told her I was upset about it, but understood that we are both busy people. She started crying on the phone about how she was sorry and she did not want me to be mad at her. I was thinking "I am not having this conversation with someone I only went out with once. I told her to give me a call back when she knows %100 that whatever plans we make will not be broken.

    Is this behavior common to all women? Or has this just been some kind of weird streak? Anyone out there have similar experiences? I would really appreciate a female perspective on this as well.
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    Some people are "pleasers" and actually do subordinate their own happiness for other people's happiness if they care about them. But if the other people don't reciprocate, it can lead to being "stepped on" emotionally/psychologically/financially for those who are "pleasers".

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