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Dalite Dasnap Highpower Screen 92"x52" - for pickup in Atlanta area (Marietta) (1 Viewer)

Mike Ulveling

Mar 3, 2003
Asking $550 PLUS I am throwing in 92"x52" da-mat matte white 1.0 gain material that also fits on this frame.

This is dalite's mid-end fixed wall frame (better than the permwall and cheaper than the cinema contour). The highpower material is retroreflective with a 2.8 gain, and it is as close to "magic" as a screen material can get. I loved this material, but I am selling my home theater so this has to go too. Judging by the reviews of this material in the avs screens forum, most highpower owners fell in love with this material too.

PLUS, I will throw in a 92"x52" damat (matte white) 1.0 gain material (about a $300 value). So you can even swap out the two materials on the frame as you see fit.

I am the original owner of the screen materials, and they are in perfect working and cosmetic condition. I am not the original owner of the frame, but it is in perfectly good working condition, and the black paint is in good condition too. It has what I would consider normal wear for being mounted and unmounted a couple times but rest assured it will look fantastic on your wall.

I am going to try to sell to a buyer who will do local pickup in my apartment at Marietta since I haven't figured out a good way to ship the frame yet (it's collapsible and will fit in most any car but it's still a pain to ship). The frame + two materials would cost at least $1200 new, but I am selling these for just $550 to a local buyer.

Thanks for looking,
Mike U.

Matt Stryker

Oct 12, 2000
Land of the rolling tide
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Mike- You should definitely post this on the two Atlanta HT boards as well, since its an item that really will demand a local sale. They are:

Link Removed

Link Removed

Good luck!

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