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Connections to Onkyo 600 (1 Viewer)

Rick Pay

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 22, 2002
Just received my new Onkyo 600 and need advice on the best way to connect my dvd player, directv receiver and rptv to the Onkyo. This is my first Dolby Digital receiver and also have a 5.1 setup with Axiom speakers. I would like to be able to watch DirecTV, dvd, and vcr thru the tv speakers also when the receiver is not in use. All of these video component inputs are a little confusing to a newbie like myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Supporting Actor
Mar 13, 2001
Rick, how many and what type of inputs and outputs does your RPTV have?

Is the DirecTV box outputting component, Svideo or composite? I'll assume the dvd player is component (3 RCA video cables) and the vcr is composite output (one RCA video cable).



Chip E

Nov 25, 2000
Hey Rick,
Congrats on the new receiver.. There are a couple ways to go here. First the dvd player:
connect a coax cable from the dvd player to the receiver's coax dvd out (if it has coax out) If it only has optical out repeat step one using optical (i prefer coax given the choice because thier sturdier IMO). Secondly, on the video side of your dvd player, connect an Svideo cable from the dvd player to an available input on your tv. If your tv & dvd player has component inputs, use them instead following the same method as Svideo.
DirectV is much the same as a dvd player. Chances are, your DirecTV box only offers analog or optical out. (you can use analog out if you want, duel rca's) Connect the optical cable from your DTV box to the satellite input on the receiver or duel analog(L&R) to the analog connections below or above where it says satellite on the back of the Onkyo. For video from the DTV box, go Svideo or component(whichever you have available).
For the tv without the receiver on: Assuming you have cable too? just activate your internal speakers through your tv;s menu.
Good luck.... it isn't that hard but, i know how i felt trying it the first time, lol..


Dec 27, 2001
I would connect the DVD player directly to the TV using either S-video or component cables.

Then I would connect the receiver to the to the TV via an S-video through the monitor out on the receiver.

As for audio for the DVD player, just use an optical or coax digital cable and run that directly to the receiver.

Then connect your DirectTV using S-video to the Onkyo's DVD inputs (they are open because you connected the DVD player to the TV) and if the DirectTV has optical output connect it to the other optical input on the receiver.

Hope this helps...

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