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Color Wheel Replacement on HLN (user install)? (1 Viewer)

Oct 26, 2002
I have the Samsung HLN617W. It's recently developed the "whinning noise" which is apparently indicative of a color wheel problem. I have an extended service plan through Circuit City. They authorized repair to some shop with which I am not familiar. After many delays (the repair shop kept losing my work order, etc.), they finally said they would come out to pick up the set in "a couple of days". They were quite disorganized and unprofessional. I didn't want these guys taking my set anywhere. I understand the color wheel can be replaced on-site. I called Circuit City back and they said they cannot control the fact that the repair shop has a policy of taking all sets to the depot for diagnostics. (In-home service, means they come to your home and pick up the the set). I was then directed to CC's Customer Relations dept. After explaining my problem and telling her that I thought I could replace the color wheel myself, she cancelled the work order and is having the color wheel shipped to me.

Now, I'm a bit nervous about undertaking this project. I've done lots of things to my computer, i.e. replaced drives, video & sound cards, etc., so I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to electronics, but I've never even opened up the back of a DLP before.

On another forum, a poster stated he watched the service tech replace his color wheel and that it was a "no brainer" for the electronically inclined.

Can someone please give me more detail as to how to replace the color wheel?

Does anyone have pics of the process?

Will there be any callibration necessary?

How complicated is it?

Would the service manual be of much help in this situation?

Did I make a poor decision in undertaking this myself?



Apr 8, 2008
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Tom Herbil
Hey Matt,

You really did not have to go through all of that. These color wheels are made to be consumer replaceable. Meaning you should be able to buy the part yourself and put it in yourself. You can find these parts all over the net, partstore.com in my opinion has it all and they are reliable.

Also just doing quick search on Google I found this site jangro.com giving some tutorials

Remember the internet gave consumers power don't let these electronic stores give you a bad day.


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