Classical SACD recommendations?

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    I have the DVD-A of Beethoven's Pastorale Symphony, and it sounds wonderful. Just wondering if Bruno Walter's version of the same work on Sony SACD is a worthwhile addition. I've read good things about it.

    Any other classical recordings? How about any of the Dvorak Symphony No. 9 recordings and/or Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks/Water Music?

    I already have Hilary Hahn's Brahms/Stravinsky Violin concertos...very nice, too, and I'm looking forward to her playing Mendelsohn on SACD.


  2. Justin Doring

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    The SACD of Dvorak's 9th with Bernstein is as good as that recording has ever sounded. If you're a big Dvorak fan, you might want to pick up the excellent sounding SACD entitled In Nature's Realm as well.
    If you're into Mahler, check out the 1st with Bernstein on Sony, the 2nd with Litton on Delos, the 5th with Zander on Telarc, and the 1st and 6th with MTT on the San Francisco Symphony's own label (available at
    I'd also highly recommend Gottschalk's A Night in the Tropics, paired with Gould's Latin American Symphonette, and Virgil Thompson's The River and The Plow that Broke the Plains, both of which are available on Vanguard; the former SACD is one of the best sounding I own. Vanguard just announced that they are going out of business due to the death of their owner and founder, so you might want to hurry.
    Although there isn't an abundance of software available on SACD, there is certainly enough to justify the purchase of a player.
    NP: Dimitri Tiomkin's Strangers on a Train (Ketcham/Utah Symphony)
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