Center Channel Confusion : Def Tech CLR 2500 or CLR 3000 ???

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by arunVB, Jun 16, 2005.

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    I am setting up a 5.1 system and currently have the Def tech BP 7002 (powered bipolar tower that has 4 5.25" mid/bass drivers and 10" sub) as mains, Def Tech UIW 94 in ceiling for the rear surrounds and Martin Logan Depth subwoofer.

    For the center channel, I am not able to decide between the Def Tech CLR 2500 (5.25" mid/bass driver & 8" sub) and CLR 3000 (6.5" mid/bass driver & 8" sub). I auditioned the CLR 2500 at the local retailer and I liked its full range sound. I could not find any retailer that has the CLR 3000 available for the demo, so I could not listen to it or do a side by side comparison with the CLR 2500.

    I would like some opinion from the people who have probably owned the CLR 3000 or compared the CLR 3000 with the CLR 2500. Is it worth the additional $200. I read in one the customer reviews for CLR 2500 is more precise than the CLR 3000 due to its 8" sub rather than the larger, slower 10" sub of the CLR 3000. Can anybody tell what does the user mean by a slower 10" sub and how far it this statement true.

    I would really appreciate if any one, who has compared the 2 speakers or has had the CLR 3000, give some opinions asto whether it is worth spending the additional $200 on the CLR 3000 and what kind of improvement will you see with the CLR 3000 compared to the CLR 2500..

    Also please note that the BP7002 tower mains have 5.25" mid/bass drivers. Will a center with the same driver size (CLR 2500 in this case) be more compatible with the mains or is it OK to have the CLR 3000, which has bigger drivers.

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    It sounds like you've got a nice system brewing!

    I'm not familiar with either of the speakers you're debating, however I'll make an educated guess that the CLR 3000 is designed to match the BP7001, and the CLR 2500 is best with the BP7002. I'm basing this off of the midrange driver size as you pointed out, and also the way the lines work (BP7002 being the second from top, and CLR2500 in the same position). So given that you have BP7002 for mains, it is likely that the CLR2500 would be a better a fit. Obviously your Definitive dealer would know better than I.

    Regarding a "slower" sub. In general, the larger the driver, the longer it takes to react. This is why you oftentimes hear the words "tight bass" associated with smaller drivers. "Tight" basically means the driver is reacting more quickly- so time-wise it is more accurate- resulting in a cleaner sound. I can't comment though on how audible of a difference in "tightness" there is between the 8" and 10" without hearing it for myself.
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    Greetings Arun,

    I also have not listened to the CLR 2500, and having BP 30s for mains, I upgraded from the CLR 2000 to the CLR 3000 because of the mid drivers match.

    I can say that the 3000 has been one of the best upgrades I have done to my system (Besides a SVS 20-39)and as far as speed of the 10" sub, it is as fast as I can ask for (kick drums are great!) and it blends well with the SVS, (I listen to a lot of music)

    My understanding of the Def Tech drivers is that the 6.5" are better at the mid range than the smaller ones, and may be what your are looking for in a center speaker.

    According to Def Tech, all of their drivers are "sonicly matched" and blend well together. So overall, if you can swing the 3000, I would go for it, but as an owner of the 3000 I may be a little biased....[​IMG]

    Good Luck in your decision, and let us know what you end up with!


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