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    I want to put a sub woofer (1 or 2) in the back of my 87 civic 3 door. I can get JL audio, or phoenix gold.

    My HU is a Panasonic402, and I am using the deck to power the 3 1/2 inch "speakers" in the doors.

    I can get 2 phoenixgold "tantrum?" 10 inch drivers for $210 CDN. For the sub(s), I don't want to spend more then $320.00
    I have heard these 2 subs, and I felt I needed more. Even in small car. I like deep, clean, quality bass, but I also like it loud. I think I should get 12 inch drivers.

    I know the install is 80% of the sound, and I would like to build the enclosure my self. (Save $$) What tools do I need to cut a simple round hole? How should bulid the thing? I have the tools to cut the MDF or whatever I use to build the box. So I only need to know how to cut a circle. (Well, what I need to do so)Should the box be ported, or sealed?

    Thanks for any help! I tried the car audio forum, but I can't post, even if Im logged in.
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    Man do I love that car!! I cried more than once when I got rid of it.

    Do you have a rear parcel shelf??
    If not go get one!

    I'm not sure if the base 3 doors rear seats recline, mine did.

    I went with a 12" pioneer in a 2.2CUft sealed enclosure. I got more than enough bass.

    Remember that it's nearly impossible to overdrive a sub in a sealed enclosure.

    You might have room for 2 12 " subs in an enclosure, but my box used all but about 4" on either side of the box(to where the shock towers are) with NO room in front of behind, or above the sub!!

    I like usuing the parcel shelf since it hides the sub.

    I also put my amps, crossover, and CD changer under the driver and passenger seats.

    The car is small, as for a driver or two I look for accuracy over sheer volume. The cCivic is a very small car and is easy to pressurize.


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