Building HDTV PC. Does this look right?

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    I am building a new PC which I want to use JUST for recording OTA HDTV Shows. Here is my list of gear that I'd like to use. Does this look right to you? Am I missing something? Would you add or change anything to my list?

    - HiPix DTV-200 HDTV Card

    - Asus TUSL-2C Motherboard

    - Intel 1Ghz FC-PGA 133 bus CPU

    - 2 WD 100Gb, 7200rpm Hard Drives w/8MB cache buffer

    - Mushkin 256Mb cas2 at 150Mhz memory

    - Black Rack mount case with 300w PS

    - Black Floppy

    - Black DVD-Rom used only for software install

    - Logitech RF Keyboard

    - Old AGP Video Card

    - Win 98 SE OS

    Do I need a sound card if I will just be using the spdif output of the HiPix for 5.1 digital output?

    Thanks for your help!
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    The HiPix does not require a sound card. Still, for about $30 more, you could get the TUSL2 board with onboard audio and video (which would also eliminate your need for a separate video card). If you can't find a TUSL2 (and they can be hard to find), you might also consider the CUSL2 which is same card except it won't take the Tuluatin processor. Another consideration is the hard drives. Maxtor 5400rpm drives would be quieter and cheaper (and plenty fast enough). Instead of spending $80+ on an rf keyboard, you might consider getting the less expensive Lite-On IR keyboard ($39) and buying an IRMan. Once you have the IRMan programmed, you won't use the keyboard much anyway.

    Finally, are you using Win 98 because you already have it (a really good reason) or are you buying a new install? I'm just curious because I'm still debating about what op system to use on the system I'm building.
  3. John Morris

    John Morris Guest

    Chris: thanks for the help! I like your idea of buying the MB with onboard audio and video. I already have one CUSL but it also does not have onboard audio or video. I picked the RF keyboard because I do not have a line of sight on the computer, it will be hidden. Also, I already have a Logitech RF keyboard that I am not using now. I selected the hard drive only because of a special on them now at Microcenter and that they have an 8Mb buffer which I thought could be good for recording HD. and, Yes, I am using Win98se because I have an 8 system liscense for it from my previous beta testing for MS, and I am only using it on 6 systems now. My Win2K and XP discs are only liscensed for 1 system each and I am using that now.

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