Brick Wall surge protectors

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Mike Sloan, Mar 3, 2005.

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    Does Brick Wall have any protection for Cable TV, Sat, and Phone line connections on any of their surge protectors? If do I get the same level of protection for these components? Can't voltage spikes be transmitted along these pathways and cause damage to all interconnected components? I would hate to purchase a Brick Wall product and then introduce MOV style protection in the chain! Would not this defeat the purpose of going with Brick Wall. I think BW advertises that they offer the best level of protection...apart from the "NON-SACRIFICIAL" nature of their surge suppression???
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    1. No idea. Email them or the various people who license the technology.
    2. Well if none of them do, then you'll have to investigate alternative means. Why not just go whole house?
    3. Certainly. Anyplace you've got incoming lines can act as a conduit, even things you've never thought of like an automatic sprinkler system, an outdoor heated pool, etc.
    4. No, it would be an alternative. It depends upon what you want to protect and the nature of its sensitivty. There are a multitude of approaches. MOV's, Silicon Avalanche Diodes, the Brickwall capacitor route, Isolation transformers, gas discharge tubes, hybrid approaches, etc.
    5. Everybody says they're the best. Protection is quite simply earth ground and whatever you can do to get that surge to the ground faster, which means that the protector is optimally located in close proximity to earth ground (

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