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Brian Wilson to perform "SMILE" live in UK (1 Viewer)

Brian Kidd

Senior HTF Member
Nov 14, 2000
As nice as it is that this music will finally be heard, it's very much a case of too little, too late. Brian just doesn't have the voice he once posessed, Carl and Dennis are dead, and the remaining Beach Boys don't speak to each other. Plus, the production values as much as the songwriting made PET SOUNDS the classic that it is and would have (potentially) made SMILE a classic as well. A live concert just can't duplicate that. His whole story is just sad. What a waste.


Second Unit
Oct 25, 2001
His whole story is just sad. What a waste.
With respect, Brian Kidd, I couldn't disagree more. The last few years has been a renaissance for Brian. We've had several CD's and several triumphant tours. Of course his voice is not what it used to be - it's his music that matters the most. And his music is being heard again, performed expertly by his hand-picked band.

We've already heard excellent live performances of many Smile songs - the "Cantina" version of Heroes and Villains was magnificent; Surf's Up, as well. At the worst, Brian is taking a few victory laps to acknowlege his love of music and his fans. At best? Well, we'll just have to wait until we hear what he's got in store for us when he performs Smile next year.

Who would have thought, in the dark days of the 70's and 80's that Brian would get healthy enough to accomplish what he's done in the last few years? Sure there were wasted years. But how can you say "his whole story is just sad" when the story has a happy ending? :)

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