Blockbuster Online Rental Service Slowed Down!!!

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Robert Powers, Oct 14, 2004.

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    I joined the Blockbuster online rental service a couple of months ago. I have the unlimited 3 out at a time plan. When I first joined, it only took about 2 days from the time that I mailed a DVD to get a replacement.

    Last Tuesday morning I mailed Blockbuster 3 DVDs from a Post Office. I recieved one DVD the following Saturday, I received another one exactly one week later, and the last one I received one week and one day later. The sad thing is that they have a distribution center in the city that I live in (Charlotte).

    I don't know whether it is the Postal Service or Blockbuster because I received an email stating that they received 1 of the DVDs 1 day after I mailed it but it wasn't shipped until the next day. The next day they still had not received the other 2 DVDs so I sent them a notice stating that I had already mailed them back.

    The next day my Queue stated that the remaining 2 had been shipped but I received those 2 on 2 different days.

    I still like the program especially since it offers 2 in-store free rentals per month but if they make it a habit of having very slow mail service I will not continue their service.
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    Tony D.
    i tried the bbv program with the cooper code free first 4 weeks at 17.99.
    that is the only reason i tried.
    i will not renew after this month.

    the first 2 dvd came in 3and 4 days.
    the third took 6 days.

    the turnaround has not been faster then 9 days total.
    flushing is the hub that i seem to be attached to.

    the alamo was in the Q as coming soon for a week after it was released. then when they finally shipped, it was dirty dancing 2, not alamo.

    netflix is much faster.
    the turnaround is usually 5 or 6 days from me sending one to them and me getting the next one in the Q.

    bbv still doesnt have movies like the unrated dreamers.

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