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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Chris Popovich, Apr 15, 2004.

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    Hello all,

    My awesome girlfriend bought me a BFD for my birthday, and I'm thrilled to be setting it up.

    I've noticed that most people seem to eq with just the sub playing test tones when they set it up -why is that?

    I completely understand not wanting to get excessive boost or unreasonable loads on the sub, but at the same time -wouldn't you want flat response at the listening channel with the sub and mains playing? I would think that equ'ing the sub with mains playing would yield the flattest end response.

    Thoughts? Anyone try it both ways?

    (I usually run the mains fullrange, but might change this)

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    I run my speakers as small so the subs get everything below 80 hz. I did my initial BFD tuning using just the sub since the biggest needs tend to be at the lower frequencies. I also ran wider range test tones with both the subs and mains connected so I could get a better idea of the transition from subs to mains.

    Regarding running your main speakers as large; it could make setting up for best base response more complicated. Your BFD will only affect the sub but you will have two other low frequency source contributing at the higher base frequencies. This will cause some cancellation effects that will be dependent on listening position.

    FYI: I tried BFDing two separate subs and found, in my HT, the second sub caused as many problems as they helped because of phase cancellation effects. I ended up going with "just" the one sub (it's a monster Infinite Baffle with 4 Stryke AV15s and 1200 watts of power). Good luck (and keep that girlfriend!).

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