Best 1080p LCOS: D-ILA or SXRD?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Sal Vento, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Sal Vento

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    Feb 6, 2006
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    I've been doing research over the past few months and have yet to come to a definite conclusion. It seems throughout the net there are extreme views regarding Sony and JVC with little (if any) middle ground.

    In terms of (1) overall quality and (2) price value, what is the 'better' TV:

    JVC 56" HD-ILA (model #HD56FH96)


    Sony 60" SXRD (model #KDSR60BR1)
    Sony 50" SXRD (model #KDSR50BR1)
  2. RAF

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    I saw both at CEDIA in September and I preferred the SONY, but both provide a very nice picture. However, I ended up with neither but an HP DLP instead. For one thing it has a picture that was, in my estimation, as good as either the JVC or the SONY and, most importantly, it accepts 1080p native input. The others don't.

    Also, I don't suffer from the "Rainbow Effect" so DLP is fine for me. If you are set on an LCOS unit (which is a great technology) I would wait for the new models that were announced at CES. At least the SONYs will have 1080p inputs. However, I'm not sure a release date has been firmed up.
  3. Joseph DeMartino

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    Joseph DeMartino
    Noting Robert's comments, I'd give the quality edge to the Sony, but not by a huge amount. In terms of value, I'd say the JVC. The Sony looked a bit better, but not enough better to justify the price premium. As it happens I have the 56" 720p version of the JVC and that is the perfect size for my viewing area. That's another strike against the Sony, in my eyes. The 50" would be just that little bit too small, and the 60" would be both overkill and overpriced for my needs. As matters stand since neither does 1080p native and since I won't be in the market for any hi-def DVD format for several years, I saved a bundle and went with the 720p for now. Big step up from my analog 56" RPTV and with the money I saved I bought an LCD flat panel for the bedroom.


  4. Gord Lacey

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    I spoke with Sony Canada, and they indicated they'll have something to announce in May. I was asking about the 55" SXRD with the 1080p inputs that they showed off at CES. I'd LOVE to rush out and buy the 60" model right now, but I know that's not wise since it doesn't have 1080p inputs. Funny thing is, if you ask at the Sony store the sales people will claim it supports 1080p, but it's an undocumented feature. Yeah....okay, morons.

  5. Chris Bardon

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    Jul 4, 2000
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    Yeah, I bought the 50" SXRD just before Christmas, and was told that it supported 1080p. Then I find out here that it doesn't really support it. I bought the 5 yr service plan on it though, and I'd say that not taking a 1080p signal on what was sold to me as a 1080p device would qualify as "not working", wouldn't you? [​IMG]

    Either way, the TV looks fantastic!

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