Bass Shaker Wiring

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Chris Tsutsui, May 6, 2004.

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    I have 3 sofas, 4 Aura Pro shakers, and a single 120 Watt AMP stable at 4 ohms. (Parts Express $100 model)

    All of this to work with, and some wires.

    What I tried at first was to use 2 bass shakers wired in parallel to = 2 ohms, then I series wired that those two with a single 4 ohm shaker in an attempt to get 6 ohms total.

    What ended up is the first (series wired) shaker doesn't play anything, but the two parallel wired shakers shake plenty.

    Now do you think I blew out the first shaker because of the bad wiring? Or does it not play because the way it is wired...

    Or should I try 4 shakers and just put two shakers on the middle couch. Hook up 2 parallel, and the other two parallel, and then hook up those pairs in series to yield 4 ohms.

    Or should I just wire the 3 bass shakers in series so that it's 12 ohms...

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    What you want to do is take 2 bass shakers and wire them in series (4+4 =8 Ohms). Then do this with the other set of 2. Then wire the 2 pairs of bass shakers in parallel. Then the amp will be seeing 4 ohms. (1/(1/8ohm) + (1/8ohms) = 4ohms)


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