Basic component advice for my folks' new house

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    OK, here's the situation. In anticipation of retirement, my parents are moving into a smaller place in a couple weeks. The previous owners had a whole-house, in-wall speaker set-up installed (Bang&Olaf.), all controlled from their family room. Of course, they are taking the components and leaving the speakers, which my folks would like to take advantage of. They are not A/Vphiles by any stretch of the imagination, but do have these needs:

    - receiver
    - tape deck
    - DVD player (I already know enough to guide them on this)
    - CD player (changer would be nice, not required)
    - Dad would like a turntable, but it's not required

    Here's the catch: don't want to spend a fortune. We're talkin' $500 or so if we can get away with it. Speakers aren't set up for surround, so it doesn't even need DD/DTS, but needs to be able to handle all the ins/outs. Actually, we'll probably just hook the VCR/DVD directly to the TV (VCR via coax, DVD via composites) if push comes to shove. Only got a brief look at the current setup during a walkthrough. House speakers are divided into zones with a switch box which I assume is directing a single audio out from the receiver.

    I know little about the current state of audio receivers and components; haven't really been into that for 10 years or so. Any advice, especially regarding the receiver? Are there decent CD changer/receiver combos on the market that won't break the bank? Thanks!
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    I take it we're talking new not used. Dad's got some vinyl and cassettes too, huh? Does he want the ability to make tape to tape copies? Lastly you plan on buying locally or is on-line an option? Tis not a ton of money to work with but that doesn't mean good things can't be done. btw, after you subtract the cost of the dvd player, what're we left with?
    Oh, if you want to stick with B&O you can also try looking for used stuff at ebay or this place

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