Back issues of a mag that doesn't exist anymore?

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    Hello HTFers!

    I have been searching through all sorts of old boxes of stuff looking for an old magazine. I used to keep them all but I think during a move that they may have been trashed. Doh!

    The magazine in question is Stereophile Guide to Home Theater. It doesnt really exist anymore. It was converted to UltimateAV a couple (maybe few?) years ago. The problem is is that I can't find any sort of back issues for Stereophile Guide to Home Theater. Just Stereophile or UltimateAV. And I cannot remember the exact issue date or number cause I was really young. 22 years old now and I was about in 6th or 7th grade at the time. In fact, it was my very first ever copy of the magazine. It got me into it and started a subscription.

    If anyone out there used to subscribe and knows how to help that would be really cool cause Id like to get a copy of this issue.

    To help out, Ill describe it a bit. (bare with me as I am not the best writer.)

    The showcase build was this beautiful installed theater that was more of a media room. The shape of the room was a bit different cause it was multi use. It had a pool table in the back of the room and a small bar/kitchen on the right side. The whole room, or at least the front of it was in this beautiful warm cherry wood and the ceiling had thousands of fiberoptic lights built into the ceiling for a startlight look. This was a long time before HDDVD and Bluray or highend digital displays so Im pretty sure he had a CRT FR but the fellow also had a RPTV. It was pretty cool. The RPTV was built into the cherry front wall and then on a cue he could hit a button on his remote and the screen would slide up, a bigger screen would slide down and the center channel would drop down (or up, i forgot) behind the FP screen. It was rather ingenious setup and looked quite beautiful to me.

    Id really like to get this issue again but there is no website that I can find that has the back issue. Maybe there is a wholesale magazine store that would have something like this?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much! [​IMG]
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    Well, a good library will have all these back periodicals (either the actual magazine, pdf, or microfilm version). That will help you determine which issue you are looking for. After that, you could post wanted ads...
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    You mention there was another magazine called Stereophile which is causing some confusion. Just to add to that confusion, I checked ebay and see that someone is selling "167 Back Issues Stereophile Magazine Apr '88 - Aug '02". Maybe you should email him and ask him if it is "Stereophile" or "Stereophile Guide to..."

    Ebay is sometimes more useful than libraries in learning about out of print books and magazines. You could set up an alert to be notified whenever your search term is listed.
  4. Lynda-Marie

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    Other sources to consider would be - though it might be a little tricky, and

    Also, if you have any other issues of the magazine, you could check and see if the publisher has a website you can check out. Sometimes (not always) pusblishing sites sell back issues of their magazines, or there might be a classified section (other customers either selling back issues, or looking to trade for such and such a missing issue) and in some rare cases, even a forum on these sites.

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