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    HELP! I just installed a Audigy 2 Platinum soundcard which has both SPDIF Coaxial and Digital Optical outputs. I have connected a coaxial cable from the 5 1/4 audigy drive on my PC to my Denon 5700 and can not get a signal when playing DVD's from my DVD drive.

    Yes, I have selected SPDIF output in the settings and enabled the coaxial input on my receiver. Still no signal. I am using Windows XP with WINDVD 4. When the disc starts, the Dolby Digital Logo appears breifly in my monitor window, so I know that part is set correctly.

    I do get a digital signal on my receiver when I select "digital output only" on the audigy 2 speaker settings though, just not 5.1. Only PCM. I can toggle it between 48 and 96 though.

    Any ideas???

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    Yeah, but it's for the original Audigy. Hope this helps you.

    There's a setting in the Creative Sound Mixer (I think is the name) called "Decode Dolby Digital". Turn that OFF.

    THAT should tell the Audigy to not decode DD for your computer's speakers and send it to your Denon.

    I have the SAME Denon and came across the SAME problem.


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