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Anyone watch the new Screen Savers? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 3, 2002
I gave up on G4TechTV, or whatever they are calling themselves now, around the end of summer. I'm almost tempted to see what's happening, but I saw that they're using someone from AICN now on ScreenSavers, and that's the final nail in the coffin for me!:thumbsdown:

Francois Caron

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Jul 31, 1997
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Real Name
François Caron
What was once a great show with intelligent and insightful guests is now dead and buried. It'll never reclaim its former glory or even more important, its credibility.

Kelly W

Second Unit
May 23, 2000
Well, I thought that last night's show was miles ahead of what *HAD* been going on on TSS recently.

Last night, there was an interview with Kevin Mitnick, an iPod Photo "hack", a decent (IMO) review of the Nintendo DS, a live call with a question about where to get a good deal on a video card, and a "Dark Tip" about using metallic paint to protect your Wi-Fi. These were more along the lines of the types of topics covered on TSS within the last year when it was back on TechTV. (I only started watching TSS in May of 2003.)

The things I didn't like were the tatoo shirts and the Alexander promos, but even on TechTV, TSS had too many movie press junket interviews.

I like Kevin Pereira better than Alex. I like his sense of humor. (I think the pre-posed photoshop-ready pictures are a neat idea.) Alex was becoming annoyingly goofy.

I hated Chi-Lan (her attitude anyway) when she sat in the nook in recent months, but I'm giving her a chance.

Honestly, TSS was sorely in need of a revamp. I mean, recently they had: reviews of TV dinners, electric razors, and toy action figures (which consisted on Alex making them dance and sing for five minutes). And any technology device reviews frustratingly contained more jokes than real information. One of the recent live calls was "Can you recommend a video game I can play with my girlfriend?"

And I won't miss Yoshi. His "Pimp PC" was just embarrassing.

Before the revamp, I was ready to give up on TSS, but now I'm more interested. I'll be watching the next episode for sure. (Although, I really *REALLY* miss Leo and the old Screen Savers.)


Joe S

Second Unit
Oct 20, 2003
Did anyone watch today's show (12/3) ? I thought it was pretty bizarre that they showed the Vodka filter for making cheap vodka taste better. It just didn't seem appropriate for the show. They also had a couple of rapper dudes... I don't know what they're trying to do.

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