Anyone using Roxio's CD creator? (CD burner software)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Brian Perry, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Brian Perry

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    May 6, 1999
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    Long ago I purchased a Hewlett Packard 10x CD burner for my old Dell PC, and it worked great. The software was very easy to use.

    I recently purchased a whole new Dell PC, and it came with CD burner built in as well as Roxio's Easy CD Creator software. It seems anything but easy.

    Most of my burning involves making compilation CDs from various other original CDs. I then use the copies for my car. On the HP CD-writer, you would put in Original Disc 1, select tracks and then the burner would rip the tracks to my hard drive automatically. It would then ask for Original Disc 2, and the process would repeat. Once I had chosen all tracks, it would ask for a blank CD and then write the new CD.

    Roxio's software seems to be much more difficult. Based on my reading of the instructions, it seems that I have to do one of two things: 1) Select tracks from Original Disc 1, then select tracks from OD2, OD3, etc. Once track selection is finished, I have to re-insert OD1, OD2, etc. for the ripping to begin. Or 2) If I choose to manually rip to hard drive, I have to name the tracks and then select them from a Windows menu. Either way, it's much more time-consuming than the old way.

    Am I missing something here? Is there a way to make a compilation CD the same way I was doing before?

    If not, can you recommend other CD-burner software that I could use? (I assume can't download or use the HP software from their website unless I am using an HP CD-burner. True?)
  2. Andre F

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    I'm in the same boat as you...Dell PC with the Roxio software. While I have not tried what you are doing I've been using Nero for a few weeks now for VCD's etc. I like it a lot so far and there is a 30 day trial available.
  3. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    i'm using v5.1 - here's how i do it.
    1. insert cd - select the tracks i want and convert them to .wav files (using the "convert" button) - put them on my hd in a special folder i created
    2. once i have all the .wav files - i create a new project and add all the files that i ripped from step 1
    3. click record[/list=1]

      it's totally easy..that way you only have to insert the cd once (when you first rip the song). after that, it resides as a physical file on your hd.

      as a side note, one neat feature that i think it does is this: if i select songs from cd1, then more songs from cd2, then (regardless of what order i put the songs in) it somehow "grabs" all the songs from cd2, then asks for cd1, then "sorts" it in the correct order. that way i only have to insert the cd's least i think it is doing that...anyway it works great.

  4. Mike LS

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    Jun 29, 2000
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    That or you can just use a seperate program to rip the tracks. It would probably be faster than using the CD burning software anyhow. Save them to your HD as stated above and put them in any order you want. Just be sure to delete the .wav files from your HD when you're done.

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