Anyone else try the MadCatz XBox Control Pad Pro?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Bill Harada, Dec 15, 2001.

  1. Bill Harada

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    Just wanted to know if anyone else has tried using this controller. I bought one last week as it is considerably smaller than the Microsoft controller, plus the button spacing seemed to be in a better pattern. However, after using it in Halo I can not recommend it.
    The right joystick has very little sensitivity so fine control is near impossible. Trying to quickly zero in on a target using the sniper rifle was an exercise in futility! Plus, it seems to behave like it has an acceleration function so that the farther it is pushed the faster the cursor moves. Needless to say, in a wild firefight I was getting toasted as my gun sights flew wildly around the screen.
    As for the buttons, they're pretty stiff. Pressing them requires concerted effort. While I had the habit of presing the wrong button on the MS controller, with the MC I was more apt to not fully press the button at all.
    The triggers are also on the stiff side compared to the MS controller.
    In conclusion, while I was able to play Halo for multiple hour stretches with no discomfort in my hand/fingers using the MS controller, the MadCatz controller left my right thumb and forefinger aching after 20 minutes. Maybe the controls need some break-in time, but I'm not patient enough to suffer through the frustration of breaking it in playing Halo. Maybe it'll work better in Madden Football?
  2. Ryan Peter

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    Thanks for the review. That controller was tempting but I'll stay away from it. I need a controller for my wife but I think I'll wait till the Japanese controller is released here first.

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