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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ian C, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Hey guys. So, a couple weeks ago I decided to pick up a wireless controller for my Xbox. The cord had been about one foot too short in order for me to lay down on the couch and game away on KOTOR. Instead of picking up an extension cord for just that extra one foot, I opted instead to pick up a wireless controller (love my Wavebird).

    I went to Gamestop with the plan to pick up the Logitec wireless controller, having heard that it is decent, albeit overpriced. However, they were sold out of them and I had to choose between the MadCatz and Pelican controllers. Having had a bad experience with a MadCatz controller in the past, I opted for the cheaper Pelican at $40.

    I wasn't expecting much, but I figured for an RPG like KOTOR and other non-twitch games it would be fine. However, having played Brute Force, KOTOR, and Rayman 3, I would have to say this is just fine for the twitch games as well...but first lets talk about the overall build quality.

    At first glance, this appears to be your typical third-party effort - metallic silver with gimicky rubber grips and lightweight. The analog sticks are rubber coated and feel much like the original Xbox controller. I was expecting them to be too loose for accuracy, but was surprised to find they have a good amount of tension to them. They aren't quite as stiff as the original's, but are comfortable and tight enough to allow good accuracy.

    The buttons required a good firm press initially to get them to work, but these loosened up after a few days and now work well (configuration follows the controller S). Of note, the Pelican has extra "triggers" above the normal triggers that can be used instead of the white and black buttons respectively. The triggers feel good and I can tell no difference compared to the original's, but, then again, I haven't played any racing games so this is hard to rate. The only weakness is (as usual with third-party efforts) the directional pad. It's not recessed enough and just feels somewhat sloppy when compared to the original's.

    As far as sensitivity and range, I haven't gone upstairs or anything silly like that, but from my couch at 10-11 feet away, it works just fine. I haven't noticed any hiccups or loss of signal, and there is no delay when pressing buttons. I can't give a thorough evaluation of battery life yet, but I am 35 hours into KOTOR, and have played a few hours of Rayman 3 and Brute Force, so it's looking like this will be on par with other offerings (50 hours or so).

    Overall, I am very pleased with this controller. I feel it's a bargain when compared to the Logitec ($70) and the Madcatz ($50). While I haven't actually used those controllers, I can't see that they would improve on anything enough to justify the price difference. Again, the only weakness would be the directional pad, but it does get the job done for its limited use.

    For anybody else that's sick of waiting for Microsoft to come out with their own offering, I wholeheartedly recommend the Pelican wireless for the Xbox. Since I've had such a good experience with this, I just ordered an AirStyle PS2 wireless from after reading a good review on IGN. I'll post my thoughts on it after giving it a week or so of good use.

    Ian C.
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    Good review, Ian. I've also got the Pelican and really like it. Please update us on the AirStyle, as I'm interested in picking one up (the Logitech's analog sticks are just way too floaty, though the wireless is spot-on). Another HTFer posted a negative review of the AirStyle here.
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    I also have the Pelican,

    I basically only play Midtown Madness 3 online and Brute force.

    The only thing I woul complain about, which entails all wireless controller is the mic and earpeice for Live cannot be plugged intot he Controller and as I got the wireless controller so I would have wires running to my couch this is a small hitch. I still play live with it I just don't use the voice thingy.

    Damn good controller and am completely happy with it.

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