Anybody good with MS Access?

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    I'm a bit stuck with my database. It's relatively simple and only for my use but I've hit a big problem.

    I have a master table that has several fields, one of which is related to another table that I can select from a lookup. This second table has gotten too big and I want to break it up into smaller table, depending on category.

    I want to be able to select an option (? this is a field) in the master table, and then only see a selection of the second table in the next field's lookup list.

    I think I may have to split this second table into smaller separate tables, but how can I tell the field in the master table which table to look to.
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    You should setup a relationship between your master table and your subtables. You will have a field in your master table that will be a category or whatever you are seperating the second table into. You setup your relationship to join this field with an identical field in the subtables.

    Checkout the Northwind sample database, they have a number of relationships setup if I remember correctly. Also look up relationships in the help file, there is a lot of good info in there that should stear you in the right direction. The Access help files are very good. I have created a few fairly complex databases after learning Access and VBA from the help files and the sample db.

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