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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Colin Dunn, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Colin Dunn

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    I'm thinking of getting a DVD +/- R/RW drive soon because CDs are too small for backing up data from a 200GB hard disk. So I went to CDRInfo to read the reviews. That opened up a bunch of questions that I hope someone here can answer...

    Basically, I am considering either the new Plextor PX-716A or the LiteON SOHW-1633S. These are dual-layer-capable (DVD+R only?) 16X burners.

    The Plextor seems to be better from a "writing quality" standpoint, but the LiteON offers more flexibility (book type settings, etc.).

    If you're looking mainly for data storage and burning the occasional DVD-video disc (to play in a set-top DVD player), what format(s) do you want, and what kind of drive works best?

    It seemed the 16X burners out so far are immature products. Many of them had problems with "writing quality." Dropping the write speed helped with this, but then you aren't getting the 16X burn speed you're paying for. Is this a function of the firmware or the hardware? (It seems from the reviews it could be both.)

    Any thoughts???
  2. Alf S

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    This place should help answer all your questions:

  3. Jose Martinez

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    A Plextor would be a very reliable drive. However, for a good drive at a good price, I recommend the new Pioneer DVR-108 drives. They're also Double Layer capable but at 4X speed. I have one and have had no problems so far. I recommend media such as Verbatum or Taiyo Yuden if you want archival quality. Not only do you get low or zero error rates but excellent longevity. Their 8X media can burn at 12X with no problems too. They play great in set top DVD players too. I suggest, as with all burners, to get the latest firmware though for best compatibality. Not many good double layer media out there yet. The only one I can recommend is from Verbatum. Haven't tried one yet because of cost but from what I've read, they're quality media.

    So to answer your question, I'd recommend name brands for burners but make sure you upgrade to the latest firmware and only buy quality media. Here's a good site for media quality:

    Excellent media can be bought online from
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    I'm thinking about getting the Pioneer dvr-108 tommorow. I want a recorder that can backup all of my dvd's.
    Question tho... if i use a backup is all the audio/video just as good as the original? I'm guessing there is no reason why it shouldnt be since its a digital copy.
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    Note - the HTF prohibits discussion on the circumvention of copy-protection on DVDs, so, please don't go there. Go elsewhere for that topic.

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