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Nov 29, 2004
Alright, I've been lurking here a while, and have flipped and flopped and flipped again. There have been many helpful posts/threads and I thank you all for indirectly sucking me into this world and helping to create what is quickly becoming an obsession. I started off looking at a good old 32"Tau but after I realized I was going to have to invest in a new entertainment unit no matter what TV I bought I decided to look around at my options. After much hemming an hawing I think I want a larger TV(I'm using a 27 inch Walmart special that doesn't even have s-video right now!). Due to cost restrictions($2000 cdn dollars taxes in-TOPS!) and the fact that I just can't justify spending the extra money on a larger(34-36)CRT, it looks like RPTV is my best option.

Now I've read a ton of rptv threads and I still don't feel at ease--just when I start to feel safe in my decision i hit a post from someone who-with a properly calibrated TV-get's burned by burn-in(couldn't resist!) So I'll just lay my habits out there and let you guys tell me if in your opinions I'll enjoy an RPTV.

My GF will be watching almost exclusively 4:3 standard TV, which will take up 35-40% of the tv's time...makes me nervous about burn-in! The other thing is I love my XBOX and want to enjoy it large screen style(30-35% of the tv's time)...but again the burn in fear. I do play alot of sports games, but never more than 2 hours at a time. Basically if I play an hour and a half of hockey each night before bed will the effect of the score in the top corner be cumulative and eventually show. Or is it a case of when I stop playing hockey and start watching good old tv it 'wipes' the effect clean. Obviously the final 30% will be DVD's--the most important part and the reason I want bigger/better/more!

So those would be my habits for TV time--will I be okay with RPTV or should I stick to my poorboy 27" and wait for something better to come along?!(ie. LCD's to mature/prices to drop)

Thanks in advance!


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Oct 29, 2004
What about one of the smaller RP-LCDs? Sony and Panasonic make ones in the low-40-inch size at around $2k USD ... if you could save up just a bit more scratch you'd be there.

No worries of burnin. Bright as h*ll. Great for games.

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