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Andy Griffith Season One Reviews? (1 Viewer)

Nov 25, 2003
I have searched for a review on the upcoming Andy Griffith Season One 3 disc set and have come up empty. Does anyone know where I might find a review? Thank you.

Casey Trowbridg

Senior HTF Member
Apr 22, 2003
Steven, given that the set is released 11/16...there probably aren't many if any reviews for it yet.

If you're looking for a review of something might I suggest DBD Basin you'll get reviews from all over the web just by searching their data base.

Again though given the fact we've still got a few weeks, there probably aren't any reviews yet.

Also, be on the lookout because if HTF doesn't have a review of this set from one of its reviewers, I'm sure David VP will post one...and I'm very much looking forward to it if he does since his Dick Van Dyke reviews were exelent.

Scott Kimball

May 8, 2000
I plan to review this set for HTF. Review copies are usually received about 2 weeks prior to street date.


Bill Seasearydr

Feb 20, 2005
Steven, here's your review (a little late perhaps ;-)

I just wanted to let everyone know how superbly and professionally this TV series has been initially released. I'm talking about the "Complete First Season" of this show which contains all 32 episodes in their glorious, FULL LENGTH versions.

Additionally, they MUST have used the master films for the transfers to DVD, because the clarity and gray scale of these black & white episodes is excellent!

There are no gimmicky "extras" with this set and that's perfectly o.k. by me. Just give me the full length, UN-edited programs in excellent picture quality and that's ALL I'll ever ask for!

Even if you only have a passing interest in the Andy Griffith Show, this series IS considered a classic, PLUS, because of the sheer quality of THIS release, it would make a nice addition to your DVD library.

One of the things you may have forgotten about, due to the severely edited syndicated versions, was the "epilog" (as some people call it) at the very end of each episode. The epilog was a 1 - 2 minute tag that was written into the script for the purpose of a comical ending after the final commercial break. Sometimes it was connected to the main plot and sometimes not, but, in just about every case, it made you laugh. And, during the "Barney years", it usually consisted of Andy playing a trick on Barney (or) making him the butt of a joke. This was a good way to end each episode because it left you with a smile on your face and wanting more so you'd tune in the next week.

Sadly, these epilogs were the FIRST things edited out when the show went into syndicaton, but NOT because they weren't funny, just simply because the syndicators were LAZY and these were the EASIEST to snip!

All of these epilogs have been restored in this DVD set. The companies that are involved in and should be congratulated for this release (and rewarded by your purchase) are:

Paramount Television

(and NO, I have absolutely no connection, financial or otherwise, to anyone involved with this release)

BTW, I'm confident that all of the seasons of The Andy Griffith Show will eventually be released professionally like this, so, don't waste your money on ANY of the "other" multitude of releases issued over the past 2 decades by certain low-rent companies.
In fact, these 4 or 5 companies keep re-releasing the same 18 episodes that are part of the 3rd or 4th season that somehow went into "public domain". For the most part, they use the edited, syndicated versions and the picture quality can't even begin to compare to the newly released "Complete First Season" by Paramount/Viacom/CBS

Good viewing,

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