Advice on a new Plasma

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dennis-hp, Dec 10, 2008.

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    getting ready to pull the trigger on a new plasma.

    Decided on the Pioneer Kuro 60".

    Here's the question...I can get the PDP 6020FD for around $3900 delivered


    I can buy the PDP 6010FD for around $2988 plus 6% tax.

    Is spending the $900 worth getting the newer model ?

    I compared spec's on the Pioneer Website and saw the differences....but wonder if the Auto room light sensor, Standard 3:2 (60 hz) pull down (both sets have the Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 (72hz pull down) and a few other difference are worth the extra money?

    Going to be using the set for DVD (regular upconverted and Blu ray) viewing and Dish network programing including all their HD programing and OTA HD content.

    Viewing distance with be 12 feet maximun in a glare free room.

    Really torn between the two sets..if the PDP-6010FD displays the same picture as the 6020..I'll jump on the 6010 locally.

    Unfortunately, cannot do a side by side comparison.
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    Reviews say the new models, -20, have darker blacks.

    Newer models had the more detailed color adjustment features removed from the menu system making them less tweakable. At least one review notes that one of the default settings has very good color out of the box, making the loss of tweakability acceptable.

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