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ADA amps, Power conidtioners, bass shakers, M&K speakers, DVD, CD, bunch of stuff (1 Viewer)


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Oct 15, 2003
All of this equipment came out of a home theater in a 14 million dollar home. The customer is replacing all of the equipment. I’m selling the used equipment for him. Everything is in excellent condition and just under 1 year old. It will be available for purchase shortly. If you want a unit, please send me an email link with the unit’s description in the subject box. I’ll forward you a pic and put your name on the list. When the equipment is available, hopefully within 3 weeks, I'll contact the first person on the list & request payment. I’ve priced everything at 50% of current MSRP. This equipment was priced much higher when it was purchased new. For example, the ADA amps sold for $3200.00 last year.

my email: [email protected]

The equipment is located in Frederick, MD 21701 - I'll take cashiers, money order, cash or paypal. Prices do not include shipping.

I’m going to have the following equipment for sale very soon. In a couple of months I’ll have another eight channel ADA and a total of 6 twelve channel ADA amps.

Three of these
ADA PMT-8150 http://www.ada-usa.com/2003-index-split.html
MSRP: $2,499.00 one year old – asking $1,200.00 each

Power Conditioner 8 to 12 of these
Surge X http://www.surgex.com/products/sx2120.html
MSRP: $629.99 on year old – asking $250.00 each

Two Pairs of these
M&K SS150M2 Tripole Surround Sound Speakers , MK II THX Ultra
MSRP: $1,299.99 per pair – Asking $600 per pair
Link Removed

Three of these (Left Center Right)
M&K S150C
MSRP: $875.00 each - Asking $400.00 each
Link Removed

Two of these
M&K MX5000 – powered sub
MSRP - $2,899.00 each – asking $1200 each
Link Removed

16 of these
Clark Synthesis Tactile Transducers - Platinum
MSRP: $350.00 each – asking $175.00 each

Digital Music Storage
Escient Fireball w/ 40 gig HD
MSRP: $1,565.00 - Asking $750.00

Escient ETP-1000 - 12” touchscreen control for Fireball
MSRP:$1,670.00 - Asking $750.00

Sony CDP-M333ES – 400 disk changer ES line
MSRP $499.99 - asking $250.00

Sony DVPNS999ES – DVD Player
MSRP: $599.99 – asking $300

my email: [email protected]


Stunt Coordinator
Oct 15, 2003
initial post updated with location & payment info. Also, pictures are available of each unit. I can send them on Monday.

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