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    ..into a house. Two of my most highly anticipated home theater components, a subwoofer and a 16:9 tv, can finally be a reality for me now due to space and proximity issues finally disappearing.

    This afternoon I was thinking about the fact that having close neighbors sharing walls/floors with me has really limited the audio levels i've been able to watch dvd's at, and how getting a Sub and finally being able to crank up the sound is really going to enhance my viewing experience. But my main question is this : even in a house, can really low-end, loud sub action be heard from a neighboring house if it's relatively close? I don't want to go to far with my audio setup, and i have never dealt with a sub before so this is all new to me.

    On another note, what's a good, quality Sub that won't break the bank? on top of the house and the tv, i'll be strapped for a while.

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    About 5 years ago, when I was just out of college, I had to live at home for a year or so. The sub I had then is the sub I still have now...a Mirage BPS-100. It's only got two 6.5" drivers, bi-polar. Still, the thing is great. My Mom said that when I lived there if I was cranking my music she could hear it at the mailbox which was at the end of our driveway about 50 feet away from the house.

    However, that being said, I doubt somebody next door, through their walls and mine, could actually hear the music I was playing...and indeed it was cranked much higher than I would ever play a DVD.

    The neighboring house was only about 25 feet from the room where I had my system set up. We are really good friends with them and they never complained so I think you are safe.

  4. Art C

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    Nov 15, 2001
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    I live in a very secluded neigborhood with

    about 10 houses. My neighbor from across the

    street came into my house one evening after

    a neigborhood party for a demo. he's never seen

    the or listend to the quality that dvd offers.

    I dropped in Steely dan Josie and cranked in

    dts. the whole house was just shaking with cystal

    clear sweet music. after the song ended I had to

    pause the dvd to find out why he was laughing.

    He said that explains the thumping sound that

    he hears from inside his house every time my

    wife leaves for some place.

    His house is about 200 feet away also he was

    blown away with the sound quality he says he

    thougt his bose system sounded good till now.

    I hope to soon have an svs sub i want to see

    if i can rattle their dishes.

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