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    Brian De Palma's strange Phantom of the Paradise (1974) has acquired a cult following over the decades since its release.

    Not my cup of tea, it has brought pleasure to  a multitude of filmgoers over the years.

    The new Scream Factory release of the Fox film does a fine job of representing the production on Blu-ray.  Color, resolution, shadow detail are all fine, and the audio will challenge your speakers.  Grain structure appears to be normal, and undisturbed.

    Continuing Scream's reputation for impressive extras, Phantom has interviews and other value added material not only on the Blu-ray disc, but also on a second DVD.

    For those who love this film, and there are many, the release is value-packed.

    Image - 4.5

    Audio - 5



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    This is a great package, full of hours of fun for fans of this movie. Releases like this, and in fact most of the Shout/Scream Factory's output, are a clear sign that somebody other than the staff at Criterion thinks that the ideal of a definitive home video edition of a movie is still worth chasing. More power to them!
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