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    A terrific cast, superb cinematography and digital work -- with astounding detail -- and an interesting concept, albeit taxing on one's ability to just go with a story, yielded a fun ride in what might normally might have been more of a summer release.

    If one just goes with the storyline, which is fraught with holes, Olympus Has Fallen in a fun (and loud) way to spend a couple of hours. I've not yet had a chance to screen White House Down, which came a few months later, was made for twice the budget, and brought in about one fourth of the gross world-wide.

    Olympus was shot on film - 35/3 - to a 2k DI. White House was digital (Arri Alexa) to a 2k DI.

    I can't speak to the quality of the latter. It's entirely possible that the lower gross was based upon audiences having just seen a film dealing with the same general subject matter.

    As a Blu-ray, Olympus Has Fallen shines, and shines brightly. The imagery is sometimes startling in resolution. The DTS-HD MA 5.1 track is as rich, full, and noisy as one might suppose.

    A great ride.

    A superbly produced Blu-ray.


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    At least this movie made more sense as a plot structure than the "other" movie based on a military "tag" of a disaster(waiting to happen)...

    The other movie?

    Broken Arrow

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