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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Robert Harris, Aug 29, 2006.

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    There are only so many of the precious Noir titles in the vaults at each studio, and Fox probably has more than most.

    But the end of the series must be near, and that's a pity, for Fox has done a superb job bringing these films to DVD.

    There are certain screenwriters who were well represented by the genre, and John Paxton was one of them. His work includes some of the major noir titles: Pickup Alley, The Cobweb, Cross of Fire, Cornered, and Murder, My Sweet.

    14 Hours, which was released in 1951, and which was followed by The Wild One, doesn't seem like full blown noir to me. Directed by Henry Hathaway, it is more of a psychological police melodrama.

    My reason for highlighting it, however, has more to do with the quality of the writing, and the sheer number of notable names in the cast.

    It stars Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart and Barbara Bel Geddes, with support from Anges Moorehead, Robert Keith, (Jr.), Howard Da Silva, Martin Gabel, Frank Faylen...

    and introduces a new ingenue to the screen.

    One Grace P. Kelly.

    In bits and other roles...

    Jeffrey Hunter (The Searchers), Willard Waterman, John Cassavetes, Ossie Davis, Leif Erickson, Harvey Lembeck and Joyce Van Patten.

    There are recognizable faces that pop up everywhere.

    14 Hours, which looks very nice on DVD is Recommended.

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    You neglected to mention that stunning beauty Debra Paget (Ten Commandments, Broken Arrow), Mr. Harris so I'll take the occasion to do it now.

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