A few questions about the Mits 46809.

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    Hi, I've been enjoying this forum for the past couple of years and would like input on the Mits 46809. I am planning on getting a summer job and am really interested in this RPTV to complete my home/bedroom theater. So here are my questions:

    1) Do all Mits RPTV's have red push? And if so, will Avia be the only way to measure it?

    2) I have the calibration disc from Sound and Vision will that be sufficient in getting a really good picture out of the set or will Avia give me something SaV won't?

    3) Should I get a progressive scan dvd player or will my interlaced dvd player look great on the set? And if I need a prog. scan dvd player, which do you suggest to buy to accompany this set?

    4) Does the mits lock in full mode?

    Well, I think that's it for now. I appreciate any responses I get. Thanks and can't wait to see what you guys think.
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    1)Yes, No your eyes can tell
    2)Avia is more advanced in it's patteresn S&V is a great start
    3)Prog. yes, JVC 60/2/5 or Pan Rp56 or Sony 700 in that order, but all of these are having replacements come out. I am really interested in the PAnny and Sony replacements.
    4) Does not lock in full.

    I'll elaborate later, i'm sleepy and am hoping someone else will. Mits is a great choice.
    I like Mits, Sony, and then Pioneer Elite ($$). All w/i a half-hair after ISF. None can do true HD. Don't sweat it though.

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