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7.1 speaker placement (1 Viewer)

Samir Kripalani

Jan 22, 2002
A friend has just purchased an Onkyo 898 7.1 channel receiver and B&W speakers(DM303, LCR 3, ASW 1000) and Energy Dipoles. his room is quite small (about 15'x 15').
we have placed the fronts and centre but require help with the 4 surrounds and the sub.
also got an SPL metre and an RTA. What type of measurements need to be taken??
Please Help.

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
First, I envy you for having an RTA for home theater...

If you have a DVD that has THX tests like Star Wars EP1 you won't have to buy a test DVD. Just follow the directions in the 6.1 THX test and setup a tripod with the mic in the primary listening position.

First I set the volume of each channel to the same level. Then you might check that the speakers are in phase.
Last can be the crossover test and seeing if the subwoofer crossover can integrate with the rest of the speakers.

Place the surrounds to the left and right of the listening positon. Then place the 2 rear channels behind the listener spread apart by maybe 2-4 feet. I like the surrounds/rear center ear level but you can always position them otherwise and angle them.

To tune the sub, you can put the sub in the listening position and then run some subwoofer crossover tests to find the best response and position for the sub. I set a tripod up and stand away from the spl meter because the reading changes if I stand too close. Eventually you can find the bass suckouts/reinforcment frequencies for the room this way.

The most important factor for me is getting the right volume level for each speaker.

Jeff Pounds

Second Unit
Jun 6, 2000
On top of what Chris said, I would really recommend getting a calibration disc, such as Avia or Video Essentials.

I have Avia, and it's very easy to use... all of the video and audio calibrations are explained.

Since you've already invested in an RTA and SPL meter, you should get Avia or VE... they will make a big difference.

Good Luck!

Dave Koch

Stunt Coordinator
May 13, 1999
I agree with Jeff. I have found differences between tones generated by my pre/pro and those that "go through the whole system" like VE. I would set up using VE or Avia if possible.

Also, I set the level of my left front to 75 db, and then match the rest to that (never touching the volume knob, just adjusting the levels). My pre-pro goes from -75 to +10, so I set it to 0, set left to 75 (which I think was a +1 adjustment) and then do the rest!

have fun!

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